About Elissa

Hey there, my name is Elissa.

I'm a hand-lettering artist and illustrator specializing in chalkboard art and murals, located in Boston, MA.

I have been doing this for a living since 2009, and created my own business in 2016. I deeply appreciate and value the integrity of the human hand; I love going to craft fairs, supporting local farms and businesses, and creating my own work as often as possible.

I work with a lovely variety of individuals, small businesses, and larger corporations. There is something different and great about each of them. I love being asked to do something that I have never done before, it helps to expand my artistic vocabulary in a fun and challenging way. Even if you don't see it in my portfolio, there's still a chance I'll take on the task.

My responsibility and belief is that I am a business first, and an artist second. This means that I am very patient and open to any ideas or visions you may have. My job is to maintain your brand and provide you with something to smile at.

Some of my past and/or current clients include TD Garden, Union Square Donuts, The Verb Hotel, Aeronaut Brewery, Life is Good, and many many more! Take a look at my testimonials to hear about their experiences of working with me.

You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, & LinkedIn